The leak detection system has fixed elements (monitoring sensors, measurement box) and mobile elements (measuring device, controlling computer). Our firm installs and repairs the fixed elements either one layer (municipal waste landfills) or more layers (hazardous waste landfills), further also performs the measurement and analysis. Geomembranes without installed monitoring system can also be investigated, under certain conditions (more information).

Our company performs leak detection survey of geomembranes and plates with an internally developed device. It can identify defects, damages occurred during construction, operation or manufacturing.

Damage made by machinery

Inaccurate fitting of geomembranes

Leak from gravel penetration

Seam defect (roof insulation)

Hole caused by a needle

Defect from cut

Such defects in the several thousand square-meter landfills can only be revealed by special geoelectrical surveys. Therefore, we developed the so called “Triász monitoring” technical device for geomembrane integrity survey. During geoelectrical monitoring survey that place is determined where current flows through the leak, assuming that where current flows through the leak, liquid is also leaking. As the electric field is formed in the soil under the geomembrane, the sensors have to be grounded into the soil. The sensors’ grid of the monitoring system is installed right under the liner, over the compacted soil layer.

Based on professional considerations we recommend to install the sensors in a 5m x 5m grid. Based on our 30 years of experiences in geoelectrical surveys, we have found that with a less dense distribution of sensors, electric noise present in an increasing degree throughout the country – to be expected nearly anywhere – can mask minor leaks, thus the defect cannot be revealed.

The leak detection system can be developed in passive or in automatic arrangement. In the first case, the experts visit the site as often as requested by the operator – usually once a year – to carry out the measurements. In the second case, an additional device is installed in the measurement box located at the site, which will perform the measurements as often as requested by the client (e.g. daily).

Geoelectric monitoring system can also applied to green roofs’ liner, leaks can be identified on the geomembrane. If geoelectrical monitoring system is installed during building, then changes in moisture content under the layer can be detected with the continuous monitoring. By applying leak detection system to green roofs, the damages during building or operation can be prevented, thus the leakage as well (more information).

Further application of leak detection survey: liquid manure pits, waste water ponds, transformer station basement.