Waste landfills, green roofs, ponds: geomembrane and plate integrity survey

Our company performs leak detection survey of geomembranes and plates with an internally developed device. It can identify defects, damages occurred during construction, operation or manufacturing.

Research of mineral reserves, soil structure: determination of gravel deposits, gravel-sand-clay layers, geological layers

Geoelectric surveys can be applied to outline the mining areas before exploitation, to determine the expansion area during exploitation, to assess available reserves and to support economic assessment during planning.

Investigation of subsurface contamination: soil pollution, subsurface water contamination

Geoelectrical surveys can be applied to determine the location of contaminated area if the electrical conductivity of the surrounding environment and the pollution is different.

Survey of river embankments (flood control): determination of cracks, tracks

Our internally developed geophysical device is suitable for non-destructive testing of earthworks, embankments.

Determination of ground-water flow’s direction

Near water table monitoring wells, with geoelectrical survey the parameters of ground-water flow can be determined, thus the flow and speed of potential contamination in the soil can be defined.

Geophysical survey of drainage basins

The aim of the geoelectrical survey is to understand the geological structure, to determine the cover layer and changes in the soil structure, to observe the layers vertically and horizontally.

Other surveys (geoelectrical survey on lakes, archaeological research, survey with environmental purpose)

Geoelectrical surveys are widely applied when non-destructive testing of the subsoil is needed.